-Programme is exclusively on Saturday & Sunday


-Includes all meal, stay, & Transportation with non A/C Bus


-Package Cost : Rs.1150.00 Per Head



Every village in Maharashtra will inadvertently have at least a couple of Lord Ganapati (also names as Vinayak, Ganesh) temples. The devotees experience thousands of forms of the Lord through these temples. Eight of these temples in Maharashtra have a special importance. Vinayak is one among several of Lord Ganesh’s names. These eight temples are together recognised as AshtaVinayak (Ashta= eight). These eight temples are famous not only in Maharashtra but all over the nation. Lord Ganapati is believed by devotees to be a deity of knowledge and is also creator of happiness, destructor of sorrows, and is a protector of ones wellbeing.


 Many idols have been sculpted of Lord Ganapati, but wherever ancient idols carved into stones or Swayambhu idols have been found, these sites have acquired special importance, and have together been recognised as AshtaVinayak. Innumerable devotees undertake a pilgrimage to visit all these eight places. All the eight temples are located quite close to each other. It takes approximately 2 to 3 days to complete the entire pilgrimage covering all eight temples. Pune district has five of these (Morgaon, Theur, Ranjangaon, Ozar, Lenyadri), Raigad district has two (Mahad, Pali), and Ahmednagar district has one (Siddhatek). Detailed information of the same follows:


1. Morgaon’sMayureshwar:


ShriMayureshwar, the Ganapati of Morgaon is considered the first of the AshtaVinayak. There are eleven steps leading up to the temple. MoryaGosavi, the great devotee of Lord Ganesh, had taken up the oath to ritualistically venerate the Lord daily.


ShriMoreshwar Ganesh is a Swayambhu and premier idol. The 17th century saint poet Samarth Ramdas Swami wrote the popular hymn that is said in every household while praying to Ganapati, and It is said that he was inspired to write it while sitting in this temple.


The façade is resplendent with intricate carvings. There are stone structures dating to ancient times surrounding the temple.


The temple is located on the banks of River Karha, in Baramatitaluka, Pune district, about seventy Km from Pune city and thirty-five km from Baramati city. Jejuri’s deity Khandoba, Maharashtra’s family tutelary deity, is just seventeen km from Morgaon. There is public transport available in all three places to reach Morgaon.


2. Theur’sChintamani :


ShriChintamani of Theur is the second Ganapati among the AshtaVinayakas. The place of worship of Shri Ganesh is under a Kadamba tree. This deity is named Chintamani because he is believed by devotees to rid them of their anxiety (Chinta=anxiety). Unlike most Ganapatiidols, this idol has it’s trunk on the left.


The Peshwa lineage being great devotees of Ganapati, family members of the Peshwa lineage from Pune are constant visitors of Theur. Madhavrao initiated the expanse of Theur’s temple. MadhavraoPeshwa expired at Theur. His tomb as well that of his wife Ramabai, who chose to extinguish her life when her husband died, are at Theur. There is an artistic exhibit produced by Nirgudkar Foundation inside the temple premises, that elucidates the inspirational lifetime work of MadhavraoPeshwa.


This temple is situated off the Pune-Solapur Highway in village Theur, Haveli taluka, district Pune, about 30 Km from Pune city. There are buses plying to Theur from Pune. Close to Theur at UruliKanchan is the naturopathy centre established by Mahatma Gandhi.


3. Siddhatek’s Siddhi Vinayak :


Shri Siddhi Vinayak of Siddhatek is the third Ganapati among the AshtaVinayak. The idol here is Swayambhu.


The inner sanctum and community hall of the temple is spacious. PunyaShlokAhilyaHolkar laid the foundation of the temple and had it built. The dome of the temple is of bronze and has images of moon, sun and Garud (a mythological creature who is an eagle).


The temple is situated on the banks of River Bhim, in KarjatTaluka, district Ahmednagar, 99 km from Daund and 142 km from Rashin.


4. Ranjangaon’sMahaGanapati :


This is the fourth Ganapati among the AshtaVinayak. The Ganapati here is called MahaGanapati and the idol is Swayambhu.


There is a myth attached to this place which is: Lord Shiva, Ganapati’s father, had granted the demon TripurAsur some powers. Misusing his powers, TripurAsur started troubling people from the earth and heaven. Finally, Lord Shiv had to take the help of Ganapati and kill the demon. That is why this Ganapati is called TripurariVadheMahaGanapati (Great Ganapati who killed Tripurari).


This form is considered the most powerful among all the AshtaVinayak. The idol here has it’s trunk towards the right, has ten hands, the countenance is pleasing and the idol rests on a lotus pedestal.


This temple was renovated during the period of MadhavraoPeshwa. SardarKibe of Indurkar has also contributed to the renovation of the temple. The origins of this place dates back to the 10th century.


This temple is situated on Pune-Ahmednagar highway in Shirurtaluka.


5. Ozar’sShriVighneshwar :


ShriVighneshwar of Ozar if the fifth Ganapati among the AshtaVinayak. This idol is tall and broad. This idol is the wealthiest among the AshtaVinayak since it is laden with jewels. Being the destructor of obstacles, this form of Ganapati is called Vighneshwar (Vighna = obstacles). This is one of the Swayambhu idols, and is considered to be a Jagrut deity.


ChimajiAppa, the brother of senior BajiraoPeshwa, has renovated the temple.

The temple is centrally located inside a compound wall. There are excellent boarding facilities inside the temple premises.


The temple is on the banks of the Kukadi River near Junnar in Pune district, 85 km from Pune city and 14 km from Lenyadri. Nearby is the largest meter wave radio telescope in Asia at Kodad, the earth satellite station at Arvi, and Shivneri, King Shivaji’s birthplace.


6. Lenyadri’sShriGirijatmaj :


ShriGirijatmak of Lenyadri is the sixth of the AshtaVinayak. It is a Swayambhu idol which is carved into a rock. There are many carvings found in the stones around the temple. There are stone pillars in the temple which have beautiful carvings on it.


The temple is located on a hill among the Junnar caves, and there are approximately 400 steps leading up to it. It was restored during the Peshwa regime.


This temple is situated near the Kukadi River in Pune District about five km from Junnartaluka. It is just 7 km from Junnar and 97 km from Pune city.


7. Mahad’sShriVaradVinayak :


ShriVaradaVinayak of Mahad is the seventh Ganapati in the AshtaVinayak. This idol too is Swyambhu and the temple is actually recognised as a Math.


The temple is very simply designed with a tiled roof, a dome and a golden summit (Kalas) which has a carving of a cobra (also a deity revered by Hindus).

There is a famous story related to the temple: a devotee dreamt of an idol fallen in the pond behind the temple. Accordingly the devotee searched the pond and discovered the idol. This idol was then installed in the temple and is now the main idol. The idol has a right sided trunk. There is a stone arched recess in which the idol is installed on a throne.


The famed VaradVinayak temple was built in 1725 during the Peshwa regime at Mahad near Khalapur in Raigad district.


This temple is located on the Pune – Mumbai National Highway between Khopoli and Khalapur.


8. Pali’sShriBallaleshwar:


ShirBalleshwar of Pali is the eight Ganapati in the AshtaVinayak. This too is a Swayambhu idol. The temple faces east and the idol has a left-sided trunk. It’s forehead is large and the eyes are diamonds studded.


The temple is built of stone. There is a large bell here which was donated by ChimajiAppa.


This temple is situated in beautiful natural surroundings at Pali, Sudhagadtaluka, district Raigad. The grand Sudhagad fort and Amba River are close by. There are hot water springs located close to Pali at Unher and an ancient fort at Sarasgarh.


Pali is 38 km from Khopoli and 111 km from Pune city. The road to Pali breaks off on the Khopoli – Pen road, whereas on the Panvel – Goa highway there is a road that breaks off to Pali at Vakan.


All these places have religious fairs on the fourth day of the lunar month of Bhadrapad of the Hindu almanac. The AtharvaSheersha and other Ganesh hymns are recited in all these places. Today devotees from all castes and communities can visit the temples and view the temple, temple steeple and the deity. The Ganesh festival is celebrated from the fourth day to the fourteenth day of Bhadrapad in all these places. Each place has excellent lodging and boarding facilities. Some travel agencies arrange a pilgrimage visit to all these places, and also help devotees in carrying out the pilgrimage and arranging the viewing of the deity. One has to travel through Pune, Ahmednagar and Raigad districts for visiting these places. The Ganesh idols are in various forms, some are situated near rivers, some are cut in rocks. So the devotees can also enjoy tourism.



Introduction to Mumbai Welcome to Mumbai, the business, industrial, financial, and celluloid hub of India. Mumbai is also often referred to as the city that never sleeps. This city of dreams was once presented to King Charles II in 1661 as part of the dowry when he married Princess Catherine de Braganza of Portugal. Today, it is the state capital of Maharashtra and the financial capital of India. To the tourists Mumbai offers an amazing array of places to visit. There are excellent excursion options to the neighboring hill stations and ancient caves from Mumbai. For the shoppers and the food freaks, Mumbai is an absolute visit. History of Mumbai Formerly known as Bombay or today's Mumbai is an amalgamation of seven islands (Colaba, Mumbai, Mazagaon, Old Woman's island, Wadala, Mahim, Parel, and Matunga Sion.) The Portuguese called the islands "Bombay" meaning "Good Bay". These islands were ruled by the Hindu dynasties, the Muslims and then were presented to King Charles II in 1661 as part of the dowry when he married Princess Catherine de Braganza of Portugal. Bombay was handed over to the East India Company in 1668. It started growing as a trade center owing to shift of the shipbuilding industry from Surat. The opening of the Suez Canal after the American Civil War enabled export of cotton from Bombay. It also played an important role in the freedom struggle of India. The first Indian National Congress was hosted in Bombay in 1885. Bombay was also the capital of the Bombay Presidency that was divided into Gujarat and Maharsahtra. Since 1996, Bombay has been officially known as Mumbai, derived from the name of Goddess Mumbadevi. Fast Food restaurants in Mumbai In order to help the people of Mumbai cope up with the fast paced metropolitan life, several fast-food restaurants have mushroomed. The fast food restaurants dot Mumbai and offer lip-smacking specialties. You may feast your taste buds on the multi-culinary delicacies served on the beachside or in the posh restaurants. South Indian fare, Gujarati thalis, Chinese, typical North Indian Mughlai food and continental cuisines are easily available at the fast food restaurants. Mumbai is known for its pav bhaji, bhel puri and kababs. Shopping in Mumbai Mumbai is a shopper's paradise with bargain buys, exclusive boutiques, ethnic markets and mini bazaars. The bazaars of Kalbadevi and Bhuleshwar are must visits while in Mumbai. The Mangaldas Market, Zaveri Bazaar, and Chor Bazaar are amongst the best-known shopping places of Mumbai. The Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Market or the Crawford Market is renowned for offering the best of fruits and vegetables in Mumbai. Theatre in Mumbai Mumbai is renowned for its music and theatre activities. Several theatre performances are held in Marathai, Hindi, Gujarati and English. There are many theatre halls in Mumbai as well as its suburbs. The National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA) at Nariman Point and the Prithvi Theatre in Juhu are known for regular theatre performances. Mumbai also happens to be the celluloid capital of India. Mumbai is home to the country's first Imax dome theatre as well as cinema multiplex. This theatre, with its unusual movie experience and international appeal promises to attract locals and tourists alike. Mumbai also has famous film studios like Film City in Goregaon, Natraj in Andheri, and RK Studio in Chembur. Culture of Mumbai Culturally, Mumbai is renowned for its film industry, which is also called Bollywood. Cinema is very popular throughout India and the city is responsible for the majority of the Hindi-language films that are made in the country. The annual Mumbai International Film Festival of Mumbai is a major event in the cinematic calendar. The film festival is staged at various venues across Mumbai during the month of February.


Points to See:

Mumbai (Bombay) City & Mumbai Suburban Sightseeing Tour

Duration : 1 day or 2 days

Destination : Mumbai

Mumbai City Sightseeing Tours by Air-Conditioned or Non AC Cars or Coaches:

Mumbai  City Sightseeing Points: Tour I

1. Gateway of India

2. Assembly Hall *

3. Secreatariat *

4. Nariman Point *

5. Marine Drive *

6. Hanging Garden

7. Kamla Nehru Park

8. Mahalaxmi Temple

9. Mani Bhavan

10. Chowpatty Beach *

11. Taraporwalla Aquarium

12. World Trade Centre

13. Jehangir Art Gallery

14. Prince of Wales Museum

15. Haji Ali *

16. Bandra - Worli Sea Link

17. Race Course *

18. Nehru Planetorium

For Stay in Mumbai – Preffered Hotel stay in Bandra East or Wille Parle East as close by to points.

Mumbai Suburban Sightseeing Points.Tour II

1. Shivaji Park *

2. Aarey Milk colony

3. Mini Kashmir

4. Film City *

5. Nehru Science Centre

6. Hare Rama Hare Krishna Temple (ISKON)

7. Juhu Beach   

8.Siddhivinayak Temple


* Star indicates no stop. View from outside only. Tour price does not include entrance fees

Note- ESSELWORLD can be covered in 2 Days programme


Cost Includes:

    Cost of hired car / coach with fuel & chauffer.

    English/Hindi/Marathi Speaking Guide

    Pick up & drop from residence / hotel.


Cost Does not include:

    Entrance fees at monuments & places of interest as charged by Govt. of India

    Service tax as applicable.

    French Speaking Tourist Guide, German Speaking Tourist Guide, Spanish Speaking Tourist Guide, Italian Speaking Tourist Guide, Arabic Speaking Tourist Guide, Japanese Speaking Guide




    Upgrade of vehicle (You can opt for a choice of vehicles other from the one offered at extra cost.

    You can opt for a Multi Lingual Tourist Guide at extra cost (French Speaking Tourist Guide, German Speaking Tourist Guide, Spanish Speaking Tourist Guide, Italian Speaking Tourist Guide, Arabic Speaking Tourist Guide, Japanese Speaking Guide.)





one night & two days-

                    first day-tamanighat(b/f)



                                diveagar(dinner & stay)

                    seccond day-diveagar(b/f)

                                        janjira fort(lunch)

                   return to pune


one night & two days-

                   first day-shivapur(b/f)


                                dapoli-murud(dinner & stay)

                   seccond day-murud(b/f)



                  return to pune


two night & three days-

                   first day-shivapur(b/f)


                                ganpatipule(dinner & stay)

                   seccond day-ganpatipule(b/f)



                                      diveagar(dinner & stay)

                   third day- diveagar(b/f)



                    return to pune


 two night & three days-

                     first day-shivapur(b/f)


                                  tarkali(dinner & stay)

                     seccond day-tarkali(b/f- & lunch)

                                         sindhudurg fort

                                        ganpatipule(dinner & stay)

                     third day- ganpatipule(b/f& lunch)

                                    return to pune


Four night &Five days-

                     first day-shivapur(b/f)


                                  tarkali(dinner & stay)

                     seccond day-tarkali(b/f- & lunch)

                                         sindhudurg fort

                                        ganpatipule(dinner & stay)

                     third day- ganpatipule(b/f)

Pawas , Dervan  (lunch)


fourth day-Murud(b/f)

Karde Beach



                                      diveagar(dinner & stay)

                   fifth day- diveagar(b/f)

                                  Janjira Forte(lunch)


return to pune

cost – Rs.6500.00                                   




One Night / two days –

FansadAbhayaranya(under govt, provide tent & security, can see live animals)&Kashid Beach



-all journey will be start at 6:30am

-Package cost is valid only if have 4 tourists.

-All food provided will be Vegeterian.

-Package cost includes transportation, all meals, non a/c accommodation, all toll & taxes.

Konkan is a coastal strip of land bounded by the Sahyadri hills on the east and the Arabian Sea on the west. Maharashtra's Konkan area consists of Raigad, Ratnagiri, Sindhudurg and Thane districts.

Some small trip according districtwise in Konkan:


1.A trip to Alibag, Murud&Janjira

Alibag, Murud&Janjira are slowly becoming one of the favorite tourist destinations of Maharashtra. Located at a convenient distance from Mumbai and Pune, Alibag is the ideal getaway of tourists looking for Virgin beaches and majestic forts.

A trip to Alibag, Murud&Janjira is not only an ideal weekend getaway but it also has a lot of beautiful places nearby to expand your trip into a long holiday. Alibag is one such place where you can plan your weekend outing or stay there for a week long holiday.

In your trip to Alibag, you can visit the Kulaba fort at Alibag and Janjira at Murud. The beautiful Beaches at Alibag, Murud, Kashid, Nandgaon, andKihim would definitely quench your thirst for the seashore.

The other interesting places include Sea forts of Khanderi, Underi, korlai, Revdanda and kasa. The 150 years old Magnetic Observatory in Alibag is also worth your visit.

There are a lot of Hotels and Resorts in and around Alibag to suit your budget and making your holiday a memorable one.


2.Srivardhan - Harihareshwar - Diveagar trip

If you are looking for a holiday with beautiful sun kissed beaches away from the hustle and bustle of city, a trip to Srivardhan - Harihareshwar - Diveagar is the right kind of holiday for you.

Srivardhan is a typical Konkani town with a beautiful beach and small wadi's, Srivardhan is the place from where the prime ministers of the Maratha kingdom the 'Peshwas' originally came from.

Harihareshwar located at only 18 kms. fromSrivardhan is also a beautiful place with with an ancient Shiv Temple and Kalbhairav Temple situated on the beach. Harihareshwar beach is also a very clean and excellent beach. MTDC has very a good resort at Harihareshwar with Tents to stay.

Diveagar, a nearby town shot to fame when an ancient half statue of Ganpati made of gold and some ornaments were found in a farm. The Shekhadi Road leading to Diveagar is a very pleasant drive as the road is parallel to the coastline and you can see many breathtaking views along the entire stretch of the road.

The Kuda caves near Tale are also worth your visit but are slightly off the road. Visiting Kuda while coming to Srivardhan is more convenient as it is on the way to Mhasala near Mangaon and you will only spend a few hours more. However you are advised to take food and water with you as there are no hotels or shops nearby for many kilometers.

3.Dapoli - Harne - Kelshi Trip

A trip to Dapoli - Harne will give you pleasure of staying at a hill station and still being close to the sea. Dapoli is considered a Hill Station and the climate is pleasant. There are a lot of places nearby like Suvarnadurga fort and a very beautiful beach at karde.

The KonkanKrishiVidyapeeth at Dapoli is also worth your visit, Nature lovers will surely like it. There are a lot of good Hotels in Dapoli and Murud.

You can also visit the nearby Panhalekaji caves.

A trip to Kelshi is a perfect Getaway to a Rustic Konkan and its serenity. If you want to taste the real village life in Konkan, Kelshi is the ideal getaway.

The village is very small and you can experience real peace away from the hustle and bustle of modern cities.

There are no hotels in kelshi and you can only stay at places where people offer lodging facilities in their homes.


4.Chiplun - Guhagar trip

A trip to Chiplun - Guhagar is a pleasant experience which will give you a combination of nature with the modern day amenities.

A lot of people visit Chiplun - Guhagar because this trip gives a good mix of holiday in city as well as the rustic Konkan.

Chiplun is a big city with a lot of Hotels and restaurants, and a lot of people stay in chiplun because of its easy accessibility as it is on the Mumbai - Goa highway. there are some Hotels near Chiplun overlooking the Vashisthi River.

Guhagar is a small town compared to Chiplun and a lot of people prefer to stay in and around Guhagar if they are looking for a quieter place and Seashore.

There are a lot of places around Guhagar and it is a little less costly to stay here compared to Chiplun.


5.A trip to Ganpatipule - Sangameshwar

Ganpatipule is fast becoming a hot tourist destination and lots of people visit ganpatipule every year. Ganpatipule Beach is one of thebest beaches on the Konkan coastline.

It is famous basically for its Ganpati Temple and beautiful white sand beach. The MTDC has a very good resort near the beach and there are many other hotels & resorts to choose from in Ganpatipule.

Bhandarpule, near Ganpatipule also has a very beautiful beach. The beach at Bhandarpule is secluded and less crowded than Ganpatipule.

Sangameshwar located near ganpatipule is also a place worth mentioning. There is an ancient Shiv temple at Sangameshwar on the confluence of Shastri and Alaknanda rivers.

The temple is beautiful and constructed in the old Hemadpanthistyle, the carvings in the temple are very beautiful.

6.Ratnagiri - Pawas trip

A trip to Ratnagiri - Pawas is perfect getaway if you want to stay in a big city and do some pilgrimage also. Ratnagiri is a beautiful city and an important port. The city is quiet industrialized and has many fish processing and exporting units.

Ratnagiri is also famous for the 'Hapus' or Alphanso mangoes produced in the adjoining areas. There are a lot of places in and around Ratnagiri and the city also has a lot of good hotels for a pleasant stay.

Pawas, near Ratnagiri has become an important pilgrimage center because of the Shri Swami Swarupanand Samadhi mandir. Lakhs of people visit Pawas every year.

The Samadhi mandir was constructed in the memory of Shri Swami Swarupanand Who took a samadhi here on 15th August 1974.


7.A trip to Malvan, Sindhudurga, Vijaydurga and Devgad is lots of fun, Many people come to Malvan as it is easier to find accommodation here and visit various places in and around malvan.

The sunset at the Malvan beach is spectacular with Sindhudurga fort in the background and also there is a big fish market in the evening with auctions of fresh fish taking place right on the beach.

Malvan is famous for its food and its proximity to Sindhudurg fort, The star attraction of the trip. Sindhudurga fort is an excellent example of fort building architecture and the foresight of the great Maratha king, ChatrapatiShivajiMaharaj. You have to take a boat ride to visit the fort.

Another attraction of the trip is the nearby fort of Vijaydurga situated at Devgad. It is advisable to stay in Malvan and Visit Vijaydurga as there are less facilities of accommodation in Devgad.

8.Amboli - Savantwadi - Vengurla trip

Amboli is fast becoming a hot tourist destination and becoming a favorite with the tourists because it is very small and not crowded as other hill stations in Maharashtra.

The natural beauty and peace of this eco friendly Hill station offers much more to the visitor than the traditional Hill Stations.

Many people visit Ambolispecially in the monsoons for enjoying the numerous waterfalls that cascade down the hills in Amboli.

There are many points in Amboli and the nearby places like Savantwadi, Vengurla and Terekhol add to the pleasure of your trip. You can also make a one day trip to Goa.

The accommodation in Amboli is quiet reasonable and this trip will give you an economical yet pleasant vacation.

A list of Beaches along the Konkan Coast

There are a lot of beautiful beaches along the entire Konkan coast. Most of this beaches are not yet truly discovered by the tourists and are far better than the so called popular beaches in India. We are giving you a quick reference of the beaches along the Konkan coast.

Many of the beaches likeAlibag, Guhagar, Harihareshwar, kihim, Ganpatipule on the coast are dangerous for swimming and proper care should be taken while entering the water. Please pay heed to the locals if they warn of dangerous waters.

Located at a convenient distance from Mumbai and Pune, Alibag is the ideal getaway of tourists looking for Virgin beaches and majestic forts. A lot of tourists visit Alibag especially on the weekends. Alibag has a beautiful beach where you can enjoy the sunset with Kulaba Fort in the background.

The beaches of Akshi and Nagaon
Located on Alibag - Revdanda road at 8/9 km's. From Alibag, the beach at Akshi is a beautiful White sand beach with suru trees dotting the coast. The water is clean and safe for swimming. You can see the Kulaba fort and Alibag at a distance from the beach. The beach further extends to Nagaon. The Nagaon beach is also very beautiful. Both the beaches are a favorite of the tourists. You can also visit the nearby ‘SatadBunder’ a small fishing hamlet.

Located on the Road to MurudKashid beach is a lovely stretch of white sand and clear water. It is one of the best beaches on the AlibagMurud Stretch, there are quiet a few well known resorts at kashid which offer a beautiful view of the beach.


Located at 12 kms. From Alibag, on the Mandwa-Alibag road Kihim is a very beautiful place to stay, it has a long beach which is excellent and clean. To come to Kihim from Alibag you have to turn left at ChondhiAnd if you come by Launch from Mumbai to Mandwa it is on MandwaAlibag road. It is a favorite weekend getaway of mumbaikars as it is quiet convenient for them to come to Kihim on a Saturday, stay there and go back on Sunday. MTDC has also a resort at Kihim with tents for staying on the beach.

located at 17 Kms. From Alibagrevdanda is an important port. The Salavbridge at revdanda which joins Murud and Alibag gives a cool view of the surroundings, You can see a beautiful sight of Revdanda port, beach and The VikramIspat factory from the bridge. A walk to the adjoining beach will give you a breathtaking view of the Revdanda Fort. The fort was built by a Portuguese Captain by the name of Soj in 1558.

There is a very beautiful beach at Murud and a lot of Hotels and Resorts along the beach to choose from. The Murud beach is very beautiful, clean and safe for swimming. Apart from the beach Murud is more famous for its proximity to Janjira at Rajapur - The majestic sea fort which remained unconquered till the end.

Srivardhan is a nice place with sun kissed sands on a spectacular beach. It has a nice atmosphere and an unpolluted air and sea. The beach at Srivardhan is a very good beach and a nice place to spend your evenings watching the sunset.

Harihareshwar is a famous pilgrim place with an ancient Shiva Temple and Kalbhairav Temple situated on the beach. It is also known as DakshinKashi. Harihareshwar has a beautiful beach which is rocky on one side and a clean sand beach on the other side.

Bagmandla Beach
Bagmandla beach Situated near Srivardhan is a very clean and secluded beach near Harihareshwar, you will surely enjoy playing in the white sands and clean water on the beach. You can also take a boat ride from here to the nearby Bankot Fort.

Diveagar was the ancient capital of the Shilahar kings. Diveagar has a beautiful beach situated behind the Ganpati Temple and stretches up to 4-5 kms. The beach is a very clean and beautiful beach with clear waters, and unlike other beaches it is not very crowded.

Located at 40 kms. fromDapoli, Kelshi is a typical small Konkani village. The 2.5 Kms. beach at Kelshi is very beautiful and secluded and there are beautiful sand dunes on the beach where children enjoy sliding down on the sand dunes. There are no hotels in kelshi and you can only stay at places where people offer lodging facilities in their homes.

Harne is a big port and lots of fishing trawlers and ships come here everyday with fresh fish from the sea. There is a big local fish market which assembles at the beach every morning. Its a very different experience taking a round of this market and see the buying an selling of fishes.

Karde (Murud)
Located at 11 kms.fromDapoli the beach at Karde (Murud) is an excellent white sand beach and we would like to rate it as one of the best beaches on the Konkan coast. There are a lot of good Hotels and Resorts alongside the beach and it is not at all crowded, practically it is like your own private beach.

As it is close to Dapoli, you can always drive down to Karde for a dip in the sea and return back to Dapoli.

Guhagar located at 42 Kms. from Chiplun is a typical Konkani town with a beautiful clean Beach where a lot of people come in the evenings to see the sunset. There is an ancient Shiv temple of Vyadeshwar here.

Located at 16 Kms. from Guhagar, Velneshwar has a beautiful beach and an Ancient Shankar Temple. The Temple complex has three four different temples and the secluded beach behind the temple is very beautiful and clean.

Located at 18 Kms. from Guhagar, Hedvi is famous for its Ganpati Temple, and the beach at hedvi is very beautiful. Near the beach there is a place locally known as 'BamanGhal', at this place the rocks are cut by the sea water and a george has formed. at the time of High tide the water gushes through the gorge (Ghal) and a water column rises to a height of up to 100 feet in the air.

Ganpatipule is famous for the 'Swayambhu' Ganpati temple and the whole hill is considered as a ganpati. A lot of people visit Ganpatipule and it is becoming a hot tourist destination. The beach at Ganpatipule stretches for 12 kms. and is a very beautiful white sand beach. It is one of the most beautiful beaches on the konkan coast, However caution should be taken before entering the sea as lot of people die every year because of drowning. The MTDC has a very good resort near the beach.

Located at 3 Kms. from ganpatipule, Bhandarpule also has a very beautiful beach. The beach at Bhandarpule is secluded and less crowded than Ganpatipule, However the sea here also is dangerous for swimming. you can get a beautiful view of ganpatipule and Bhandarpule beach from the top of the hill before descending to Bhandarpule.

Ratnagiri is a beautiful city and an important port. The city is quiet industrialized and has many fish processing and exporting units. The Ratnagiri beach is a lovely beach, which penetrates the sea and you can see a White sand beach on one side and a Black sand beach on the other at the same time. You can watch a beautiful sunset at the beach in the evenings.

The entire coast of the Bhatye village is covered with 'Suru' trees and is locally known as BhatyeSuru Ban. The entire area is covered with trees and is very beautiful. The Bhatye beach is a clean and beautiful beach. The beach is less crowded and secluded as it is a little away from the main city. At one end of the beach you can also visit the temple of 'ZhariVinayak'.


Malvan is a small city with beautiful beaches and nice places to stay. Malvan is famous for its food and its proximity to Sindhudurg fort and its beautiful beach. The sunset at the Malvan beach is spectacular with Sindhudurg fort in the background and also there is a big fish market in the evening with auctions of fresh fish taking place right on the beach.

Tarkarlione of the best Beaches along the Konkan coast located at 7 Kms. from Malvan is fast becoming a hot tourist destination. The whole area is very beautiful and is situated at the mouth of Karliriver. Tarkarli has an excellent white sand beach and you will definitely fall in love with this beach. MTDC has very good resort with tents at Tarkarli and lots of people come to visit every year. The nearby Devbag beach is also very beautiful.KajuKarkhana is also nearby. Dolphin point - but before 10.00am as sunlight increase. Dolphin point available in Dapoli also.

Located at 15 Kms. from Devgad, Kunkeshwar is an ancient Shankar temple built in the 10th century by the Yadavas. The temple is situated on the beach and is very beautiful. There are six Deepmals and huge Nandi in front of the temple. the Beach in front of the temple is also very beautiful and clean.

Located at 20 kms from Devgad, the Mithbav beach is a very beautiful white sand beach. the waters are safe for swimming and the whole beach is very picturesque. This is one of the lesser known but beautiful beaches.

Vengurla - Mochemad
Located at 25 Kms. from Savantwadi, Vengurla is a beautiful coastal town with a excellent beach and a port. The Dutch and Portuguese conducted trade activities on a large scale through the Vengurla port. The beach near the port has some very beautiful spots where you can relax on big boulders and look at the ships and boats in the sea. The Mochemad Village at a distance of 10 Kms. from vengurla also has a beautiful beach.