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Pune - Mumbai - Ashtvinayak Darshan Tour

Home • Pune - Mumbai - Ashtvinayak Darshan Tour

Package Duration : 2 Days / 1 Nights

Pacakge Validity: From 2012-12-24 To 2013-12-30

Destination Covered:
Morgaon - Siddhatek - Theur - Ranjangaon - Lenyadri - Ojhar - Pali - Mahad

Tour Detail :
Every village in Maharashtra will inadvertently have at least a couple of Lord Ganapati (also names as Vinayak, Ganesh) temples. The devotees experience thousands of forms of the Lord through these temples. Eight of these temples in Maharashtra have a special importance. Vinayak is one among several of Lord Ganesh’s names. These eight temples are together recognised as Ashta Vinayak (Ashta = eight). These eight temples are famous not only in Maharashtra but all over the nation. Lord Ganapati is believed by devotees to be a deity of knowledge and is also creator of happiness, destructor of sorrows, and is a protector of ones wellbeing.

Morgaons Mayureshwar:
Shri Mayureshwar, the Ganapati of Morgaon is considered the first of the Ashta Vinayak. There are eleven steps leading up to the temple. Morya Gosavi, the great devotee of Lord Ganesh, had taken up the oath to ritualistically venerate the Lord daily.

Theurs Chintamani:
Shri Chintamani of Theur is the second Ganapati among the Ashta Vinayakas. The place of worship of Shri Ganesh is under a Kadamba tree. This deity is named Chintamani because he is believed by devotees to rid them of their anxiety (Chinta=anxiety). Unlike most Ganapati idols, this idol has its trunk on the left.

Siddhateks Siddhi Vinayak:
Shri Siddhi Vinayak of Siddhatek is the third Ganapati among the Ashta Vinayak. The idol here is Swayambhu.

The inner sanctum and community hall of the temple is spacious. PunyaShlok Ahilya Holkar laid the foundation of the temple and had it built. The dome of the temple is of bronze and has images of moon, sun and Garud (a mythological creature who is an eagle).

Ranjangaons MahaGanapati:
This is the fourth Ganapati among the Ashta Vinayak. The Ganapati here is called MahaGanapati and the idol is Swayambhu.

There is a myth attached to this place which is: Lord Shiva, Ganapatis father, had granted the demon TripurAsur some powers. Misusing his powers, TripurAsur started troubling people from the earth and heaven. Finally, Lord Shiv had to take the help of Ganapati and kill the demon. That is why this Ganapati is called TripurariVadhe MahaGanapati (Great Ganapati who killed Tripurari).

Ozars Shri Vighneshwar:
Shri Vighneshwar of Ozar if the fifth Ganapati among the Ashta Vinayak. This idol is tall and broad. This idol is the wealthiest among the Ashta Vinayak since it is laden with jewels. Being the destructor of obstacles, this form of Ganapati is called Vighneshwar (Vighna = obstacles). This is one of the Swayambhu idols, and is considered to be a Jagrut deity.

Lenyadris Shri Girijatmaj:
Shri Girijatmak of Lenyadri is the sixth of the Ashta Vinayak. It is a Swayambhu idol which is carved into a rock. There are many carvings found in the stones around the temple. There are stone pillars in the temple which have beautiful carvings on it.

Mahads Shri Varad Vinayak:
Shri VaradaVinayak of Mahad is the seventh Ganapati in the Ashta Vinayak. This idol too is Swyambhu and the temple is actually recognised as a Math.

The temple is very simply designed with a tiled roof, a dome and a golden summit (Kalas) which has a carving of a cobra (also a deity revered by Hindus).

Palis Shri Ballaleshwar:
Shir Balleshwar of Pali is the eight Ganapati in the Ashta Vinayak. This too is a Swayambhu idol. The temple faces east and the idol has a left-sided trunk. Its forehead is large and the eyes are diamonds studded.

The temple is built of stone. There is a large bell here which was donated by Chimaji Appa.

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Detailed Itinerary

  • Day 1: Morgaon (Moreshwar)

    Morgoan (Mayureshwar) - Break Fast and Tea.
    Sidhatek (Siddhivinayak) - Lunch.
    Theur (Chintamani)
    Ranjangoan (Mahaganpati) - Tea.
    Lenyadry - Dinner and Stay.
    Meals : Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

  • Day 2: Lenyadri (Girijatmaj)

    Lenyadry (Girijatamak) - Break Fast and Tea.
    Ojhar (Vighaneshwar).
    Pali (Ballaleshwar) - Lunch.
    Mahad (Varad Vinayak) - Tea and Reaturn To Pune.
    Meals : Breakfast, Lunch

Includes :

  • Programme is exclusively on Saturday & Sunday.
  • Includes all meal
  • stay
  • Transportation with non A/C Bus.

Terms & Conditions :

  • Package Cost : Rs.1250.00 Per Head.
Visitor No :

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